SRNWP Expert Teams (ET): definition and terms of references

During the 2007 meeting in Dubrovnik, at the SRNWP business meeting, a proposal (initiated by Jean-François Geleyn) about the "Expert Teams", was accepted and the SRNWP Expert Teams (ETs) were formed.Here, you can see them, their ToRs and their participants.

The ET scientists produced plans and proposed projects for the 2008-2009 period, but no later such documents exist. Their original (and now entirely outdated) documents still exist and can be seen: ET for assimilation, dynamics, physics, EPS, surface, systems and verification.

1. Definition

Expert Team (ET)

Data assimilation and use of observations

Data assimilation methods, algorithmic choices, application of new observation types, OSE and OSSE experiments, ensemble data assimilation.

Diagnostics, validation and verification

a. Data pre-processing, validation and inter-comparison of models
b. Verification Programme.

Dynamics and lateral boundary coupling

High resolution numerics, numerical techniques, new methods for LBC coupling.

Link with applications

Two-way interaction between various downstream applications (hydrology, environment, aviation, oceanography), statistical adaptation

Physical parameterisation (upper air)

Parameterisation schemes, high resolution numerics, PBL-surface interaction

Predictability and EPS

a. Predictability issues, addressing uncertainties in the NWP models, LAMEPS, ensemble data assimilation
b.EUREPS Programme to be updated

Surface and soil processes (model and data assimilation)

Physiographic data, PBL-surface interaction, modelling and DA techniques for continental surfaces and upper ocean layers

System aspects

a. Data pre- and post-processing, code aspects
b. Interoperability Programme to be submitted to the EUMETNET Council

For the time being the SRNWP Advisory Committee will deal with the issues related to the socio-economic benefits of the NWP models and also considers the client-oriented verification.

2. Terms of References of the Expert Teams

The "Terms of references (ToR)" below gives a guideline to the Expert Teams to start their work. The Expert Teams have the right and possibility to comment and amend the ToR below and they are asked to prepare their workplan.


  1. The core of the Expert Team is the 5 contact points from each LAM Consortia (ALADIN, COSMO, HIRLAM, LACE, MetOffice).
  2. The Expert Team elects its chairperson among the Consortia contact points.
  3. The Expert Team chairperson is the main initiator of the activities of the Expert Team and makes liaison towards the SRNWP Programme Manager.
  4. The Expert Teams should be sufficiently "large-spread" in order to cover sufficient expertise.
  5. Young scientists should be also members of the Expert Teams.
  6. The basis of the work of the Expert Teams is the annual workplan to be agreed by the Team itself and surveyed by the SRNWP Advisory Committee.
  7. Most of the work of the Expert Teams are realised through email exchanges, but if needed, meetings can be organised (beside the workshops).


  1. Supervise the programmes (EUMETNET supported ones and "cooperative" programmes not supported financially by EUMETNET) belonging to their expertise.
  2. Organise their work in order to optimise the share of the work between the LAM Consortia.
  3. Foster exchange of technical and scientific ideas and expertise.
  4. Support training activities.
  5. Organise (or co-organise with other ETs) workshops regularly (typically once per two-years), where beside SRNWP members scientists from outside Europe and from the academic institutions (and universities) might be invited.
  6. Give expertise towards other EUMETNET Programmes (if needed).
  7. Prepare reports to the SRNWP Advisory Committee and to the SRNWP Programme Manager
  8. On cross-cutting issues liaise with the other Expert Teams.

3. Members of the SRNWP Expert Teams

a. Core Members
Data assimilation and use of observations Roger Randriamampianina Christoph Schraff Magnus Lindskog Marco Milan Benedikt Strajnar Bojan Kasic Lars Isaksen
Diagnostics, validation and verification Carl Fortelius Flora Gofa Bent Hansen Sass Marion Mittermaier Simona Tascu Angel Marcev Dave Richardson
Dynamics and lateral boundary coupling Ludovic Auger Michael Baldauf Sander Tijm Ben Shipway Petra Smolikova   Michail Diamantakis
Link with applications Eric Bazile Anastasia Bundel Jeanette Onvlee Simon Jackson Simona Tascu Bojan Cvetkovic  
Physical parameterisation (upper air) Yann Seity Matthias Raschendorfer Emily Gleeson Mike Bush Bogdan Bochenek   Irina Sandu
Predictability and EPS Henrik Feddersen Chiara Marsigli Inger-Lise Frogner Aurore Porson Clemens Wastl   Martin Leutbecher
Surface and soil processes (model and data assimilation) Patrick Samuelsson Jean-Marie Bettems Ekaterina Kurzeneva Martin Best Stefan Schneider   Gianpaolo Balsamo, Patricia de Rosnay
System aspects Daan Degrauwe Massimo Milelli Daniel Santos Richard Gilham Oldrich Spaniel   Jenny Rourke
b. Additional members
ET ACCORD COSMO HIRLAM MetOffice RC LACE SRNWP-EPS Activity Post-Processing Activity
Data assimilation and use of observations Loik Berre, Maria Monteiro Mihail Tsyrulnikov Jelena Bojarova, Kasper Hintz David Simonin, Lee Hawkness-Smith Florian Meier, Michal Nestiak    
Diagnostics, validation and verification Boryana Tsenova, Fabien Stoop Joanna Linkowska Xiaohua Yang, Ulf Andrae, Carl Fortelius Nigel Roberts Christoph Wittmann, Christoph Zingerle    
Dynamics and lateral boundary coupling Piet Termonia       Jozef Vivoda    
Link with applications   Flora Gofa Per Unden Mike Bush Martina Tudor, Benedikt Bica   Stéphane Vannitsem
Physical parameterisation (upper air) Eric Bazile, Neva Pristov Dmitrii Mironov, Frederico Grazzini Bent Hansen Sass Anke Finnenkoetter Jan Masek, Neva Pristov    
Predictability and EPS François Bouttier, Geert Smet André Walser, Christoph Gebhardt Jan Barkmeijer Anne Mccabe Mihály Szücs, Martin Bellus Alfons Callado Pallarés  
Surface and soil processes (model and data assimilation) Patrick Le Moigne, Rafiq Hamdi Jürgen Helmert, Jan-Peter Schulz   Breogan Gomez, Cristina Charlton Perez Jure Cedilnik, Balázs Szintai, Alena Trojáková    
System aspects Alexandre Mary Uli Schaettler Ulf Andrae, Xiaohua Yang   Martina Tudor